Just some of the residents who live next to Ronald Johnson Fields and raise some of their concerns surrounding the destruction of this rare piece of treasured greenbelt in Moston.

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This is the picture of the Greater Manchester Biodiversity Action Plan carried out by Derek Richardson of the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit

View of FC Uniteds proposed stadium for the green fields of Moston.

FC United’s dream of a 5,000-capacity stadium is set to become a reality, the M.E.N. understands.

The breakaway club want to end six years on the road by building a £3.5m complex on the Ronald Johnson playing fields close to St Mary’s Road in Moston.

We can reveal that planning officers will recommend the council give the plans the green light, with conditions, at a town hall meeting next week.

The ambitious proposals have been the subject of controversy since they were first made public in April.

Some residents formed a protest group and vowed to fight the plans until the end.

They claimed building a stadium would cause traffic chaos and destroy a local beauty spot.

The club, formed in protest at the Glazer family’s ownership of Manchester United, say the stadium will open up land currently closed off to the community.

They believe it will bring investment to the area along with a host of facilities for residents.

And after an extensive consultation process it appears planners agree with them.

They have recommended the scheme goes ahead subject to the signing of a ‘section 106’ agreement which promises community use for the site, a reviewable travel plan and provisions for off-site parking.

It is understood the club are happy to sign such an agreement.

The council will give their verdict at an eagerly-awaited meeting next Thursday.

There will then be a ‘cooling off’ period for those on both sides to reflect on their decision and an appeal can be lodged.

The plans will also only go ahead if The Charity Commission rule that the land can be built on.

But the M.E.N. understands they are likely to rule the land is not charitable and so is suitable for the project.

FC, a co-operative, currently play their home games at Bury’s Gigg Lane ground.

They ply their trade in the seventh tier of English football and attract crowds of about 2,000.

The stadium would be a mix of terracing and seating.

Manchester Evening News, Mike Keegan, October 20, 2011

Paint daubed on freight container on Ronald Johnson Fields.

Graffiti wars have broken out over FC United’s plans to build a new stadium.

Slogans have been daubed on walls across Moston – both opposing and supporting the 5,000-capacity ground.

One instance of graffiti from those against the plans read ‘Love Glazer, Hate FC United’.

And supporters have been using ‘reverse graffiti’ – blasting dirty walls with water using stencils – to write ‘M40 4FC’.

Opposition to the stadium has been mounting from people concerned it will create parking chaos outside their homes.

But supporters of the stadium bid say it will create much-needed facilities for the area.

Both sides have condemned the graffiti.

Moston councillor Paul Murphy said: “Graffiti of any description is unacceptable.

“I condemn any graffiti from either side and will be reporting it to the council.

“I will make sure that the perpetrator is caught.”

Annette McGovern, from Residents United Residents’ Association, said: “We love our area and are totally opposed to graffiti of any sort.

“None of the members of RURA are responsible for it.”

People living in the area claim the £3.5m stadium, which would be built on the Ronald Johnson playing fields, would devalue their homes and have mounted a campaign against it.

Plans were submitted to Manchester council last week and a decision is due to be taken in September.

Andy Walsh, general manager of FC United, said: “We condemn any graffiti at all no matter what form it takes.

“There has been a great deal of deliberate misinformation from the ‘no’ campaign which has heightened anxieties in the area.

“We want to rectify that misinformation but this is not the right way to go about it.”

A Manchester council spokesman said: “We have never received a complaint about so-called reverse graffiti but will look carefully at any specific complaint and take appropriate action.

“All graffiti is detrimental to our neighbourhoods and we take a dim of anyone involved in defacing property.”

Manchester Evening News, Saturday 23 July 2011

On the 17 May 2011, people in Moston woke to the shocking news that their beloved green Ronald John Playing Fields could be lost to private football organization FC United of Manchester, who plan to build a 5000 capacity football stadium on land given to the people of Moston.

It seems the spectre of the industrial revolution which once destroyed almost all of the green fields of Moston, as reared its ugly head once again, seeking to rid Moston of one of the last pieces of green public space and a vital natural nature reserve for wildlife.

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